Coloured concrete floors are becoming more popular within polished concretes.


A coloured concrete floor is a hard wearing finished surface, suitable for high trafficked areas both foot and fork-lift dependent on depth. Properly produced and protected coloured concrete floors should last for many years with the correct maintenance.

There are three main methods of applying colour:


Dry shake

Surface-applied stains and coatings

Stains and coatings are used on existing or new concrete floors and will be the least expensive to apply but are not as sustainable. Dry shake applications are used on freshly placed concrete floors, such as industrial floors. Typically, these materials cost less than integral colour but the labour to finish the concrete floor is more intensive and costly.

Concrete from Exeter Groundworks Ltd is now available in a variety of colours and finishes. By using a combination of finish styles and colours we can create you a tailored look that will enhance your project and reflect the way you want to use your new surface.