At Exeter Groundworks Ltd we install a large range of different reinforced concrete floors. We install reinforced concrete floors in many different environments from domestic houses to Industrial and commercial buildings, roadways, yards and patio areas. The depth of the floor and the reinforcement used will be dependent on the loads that the floor needs to take.

With over 20 years of experience in the flooring industry, you can rely us to deliver value for money matched with the highest quality concrete flooring solutions. We specialise in supplying concrete in domestic and commercial interiors, ranging from modern living areas, to industrial warehouses.


Groundwork including bulk excavation, cart away and stoning-up either as a principal contractor or as sub-contractor for commercial or industrial industries, as well as Earthwork, Cast-in-place concrete, Underground utilities, Site-related civil services.

Keen to extend our current portfolio, Exeter Groundworks Ltd have the ability and resources to cope with even the most extreme projects with budgets up to one million pounds.

Please feel free to contact us to see how we can assist you with any excavation service you require both private and/or commercial.


Steel framed buildings can be designed to be very air-tight, with a leakage rate of less than 2m3/m2/hr, which would otherwise be a source of unwanted heat loss.

Exeter Groundworks Ltd  operates in many construction sectors including residential, commercial, health, education, student accommodation and leisure.

We strive to achieve the highest standard of sustainability in terms of energy efficiency, a low carbon footprint, lightweight construction, efficient materials use, zero wastage, zero pollution and minimum disruption on site, all based on best construction practice.


Preparing a sound and solid foundation is crucial for any building project.  Exter Groundworks Ltd will ensure that the footings and foundations of your project are carried out to the highest standard of quality and safety, meeting all expected regulations, everytime.

Whatever your project requires, we will provide the entire service; clearing the site, digging to the specific level as necessary, laying concrete, beams, brickwork, slabs etc and facilitating the correct drainage. Contact us using the form below to discuss your specific requirements.​


Providing the correct drainage is crucial for any project as incorrect, insufficient or an inadequate drainage system can be a recipe for disaster.  Here at Exeter Groundworks Ltd our trained staff have the qualifications, knowledge, as well as years of experience in working with all types of commercial and domestic drainage systems and solutions.

We provide whatever is necessary to ensure you receive the best drainage solution for your project, from small repairs to the installation of large commercial drainage systems, machinery and equipment.


Our team of professional contractors take every care possible to give you the best groundwork finish as possible, whilst working with our customers to meet and exceed their expectations.

We are able to work with all types of brick to create the desired effect as well as providing the correct strength and stability for its purpose.

In the planning stage, we will discuss your ideas and requirements and offer help and advice regarding foundations and structural requirements, damp proofing and aesthetics.


Here at Exeter Groundworks Ltd we can provide oversite and site clearance ready for your project.

We operate in many construction sectors including residential, commercial, health, education, student accommodation and leisure. Servicing a range of clients from property developers, utility companies, local authorities to domestic clients.

We will provide experienced advice based on the individual specifications and needs of your project.


If your driveway needs replacing or you’re looking to lay a driveway from scratch, we can provide the complete service.  Exeter Groundworks Ltd will clear the site and prepare the area as necessary, we can even provide demolition and removal service if required.

We are able to construct, replace or lay all types of kerbing whether it’s a large scale kerbing project on a new housing development or highway or a small repair job.

At Exeter Groundworks Ltd we take pride in our work and the service we provide and we’re always happy to provide a no obligation quotation.​


Exeter Groundworks have the necessary equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently demolish garages, sheds, extensions, outbuildings etc and  ensure that all material is removed and disposed of appropriately.

If you require demolition work as part of your building project or as a stand-alone service, please feel free to get in touch.​

Exeter Groundworks Ltd are a skilled and proactive groundworks & Civil Engineering, contractor specialising in projects throughout Devon and the Southwest Counties. Completed projects include Oversite, Demolition, Drainage, Blockworks, Concreting, Site Clearance, Muck Away, Plant Hire and much more.
Our positive approach and engineering experience has allowed us to develop an understanding with our clients that we means we are prepared to look at unusual projects that the majority of companies would not be interested in due to the technical knowledge and experience needed to complete.
Contact us now to find out how Exeter Groundworks Ltd can get your project off the ground.