We specialise in the supply and installation of concrete flooring solutions for customers in the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors.

Exeter Groundworks Ltd are proud of our first class customer service record and great pride in the experience gained by being involved in the industry for many years.

Our experience has allowed us to learn what it takes to be the best, regardless of the size of project we are working on.

As one of the leading contractors in the concreting industry, we strive to offer the perfect combination of quality products and experienced staff expertise to provide the perfect surface for your project.

Dependant on loadings for trafficked areas, minimum depths are 75mm for foot traffic and designed between 150mm – 350mm. Drying times are 24 hours for foot traffic, the concrete dries at approx 1mm per day and must not be force dried. Again, dependant on use and loadings, this type of concrete floor can be reinforced with mesh, plastic or steel fibres. Power floated concrete floors are hard wearing and need no additional finishes, although, resins, polishing and screeds can be applied to the surface.


Typical applications for this product are plant rooms, stairs, shops and corridors.


Coloured concrete floors are becoming more popular within polished concretes.


Typically used as a hard wearing surface on external yards.

Exeter Groundworks Ltd offer a full comprehensive aftercare service.

All our products and materials are carefully selected and come with a comprehensive aftercare guide to ensure you correctly maintain your concrete floor surfaces.


Polished concrete gives a smooth, mirror-like surface finish, meaning the design possibilities are virtually endless.


Is a suitable finish for high trafficked areas for both foot and fork lift usage, depending on the depth.


Suitable for maximum grip for traffic, a tamped concrete floor provides a non-slip, very course finish.