Power floated concrete techniques produce a hard wearing finished surface. It is suitable for high trafficked areas for both foot and fork lift usage, depending on depth.


Circular pans help smooth the concrete floor prior to metal blades that are rotated over the surface, adjusting the tilt to produce a hardened surface.

A concrete floor has to be left to harden before it can be power floated – therefore, a concrete floor installed in the morning will not usually be power floated until late afternoon, dependent on the mix and weather conditions. A flat smooth dense finish is produced by the power floating method.

Dependant on loadings for trafficked areas, minimum depths are 75mm for foot traffic and designed between 150mm – 350mm. Drying times are 24 hours for foot traffic, the concrete dries at approx 1mm per day and must not be force dried.

Dependant on use and loadings, this type of concrete floor can be reinforced with mesh, plastic or steel fibres.

Power floated concrete floors are hard wearing and need no additional finishes, although, resins, polishing and screeds can be applied to the surface. 

We consider the finished use of the floor and can design the structural floors to meet your requirements. Our experienced team has over 35 years of input into designing flooring solutions for high street retailers, schools, offices and warehouse facilities.