Typical applications for this product are plant rooms, stairs, shops and corridors.


Easi-float concrete results in a hard wearing finished surface, suitable for computer floors, Carpet floors or tiled areas.

Concrete is laid and levelled either via pump or discharged of the back of the wagon, and when the concrete has been levelled by tamp, the concrete is hand floated with an Easi-float to give a smooth finish.

Whilst this finish is not as smooth as power floated, its is still suitable for carpet, screed or tiles.

Min depths are 75mm bonded, 100mm un-bonded for foot traffic and designed between 150mm – 350mm dependant on loadings for trafficked areas. Drying times for foot traffic are 24 hours, the concrete dries at approximately 1mm per day and should not be force dried. These type of floors can be reinforced with Mesh, plastic or steel fibres, dependant on use and loading’s.